We’ve added two new formats – ICO and XAML. And they’re really handy. Take, for example, an ICO format:

  1. Allows you to change standard Windows folder icons
  2. Allows for customizing the program you develop – taskbars, traybars etc.
  3. Provides favicons for websites

As for the XAML – this is the only way to use vector graphics in your Windows apps. (correct me in the comments if I’m wrong). Essentially, XAML is an SVG analog for WPF-applications. You can recolor XAML icons, both fully, and in separate parts – that’s a great start for an animation.

How XAML is made is an interesting story. We take SVG and we basically dissect it. If you ever wanted to see SVG from inside, have a look:

And the fact that XAML icons are vectors make them look awesome in Windows apps, where typically raster graphics were used.

Custom Size

This feature was available on our website for long time and we are finally introducing it to our desktop app – now you can select custom sizes of icons.

Updates Checking

You can check for updates directly from an app. So, if some noisy bug bothers you – check for updates, chances are it was fixed in the latest release.

Sign Up directly from an App

We’ve made it possible to sign up even if you’ve never been to our website before and got the app from somewhere else. (torrents, soft websites etc.). Full autonomy!

SVG Simplified

We have been asked countless times to add simplified SVGs to our desktop app. Well, the day has come. Enjoy!