I’m Not a UX Designer, and Neither Are You

“We can design for user experiences, for example, create clear, and functional UIs, engaging micro-interaction, empathic content. We can create a framework within which user experiences can occur, but we cannot design them“. Do you agree with Ben Moss?


Stop Designing Interfaces, Start Designing Experiences

It seems that Nicolas Duval, Product Designer at BlaBlaCar, on the contrary, recommends to design UX. But actually he tells how their team created a library of UI Lego Bricks and applied Atomic Design methodology. How much time does this really save?


Is This the End for Mobile Apps?

Yes, this title is very provocative, but it will make sense once you read the article. Aaron Gary Brooks talks about looming changes for apps that required by UX and what is expected from them.


Our Pokémon Go User Experience Fixes

Can someone make a Pokémon Go user happier by something other than catching a rare pokémon? Probably, yes, if you improve app’s UX. Valsplat team shares ideas for making Pokémon Go better.


Mobile First Is NOT Mobile Only

NN/g collaborated with remote-usability-testing firm WhatUsersDo and studied 3 different types of navigation: hidden, visible, and a combination of hidden and visible navigation. It appeared that mobile-navigation patterns make navigation unusable on the desktop and decrease the use of this important UI element and porting an unchanged UI to a different platform hurts UX. Learn more about the study to improve your website!

Mobile first

User Memory Design: How to Design for Experiences That Last

Understanding the difference between experience and memory — and the ways they are related — can make us more sophisticated experience designers. Find out tips for designing for experiences that leave a lasting positive impression.


On Joining Stack Overflow as a Designer

Product designer Ted Goas shares his experience on using Stack Overflow, and what it was like adapting to the culture and the challenges he encountered. He says that joining Stack Overflow was like…