The most recent post about new Icons8 features is dated March 16, which leads us to question what exactly the 8 programmers in our company are doing?

Stop that train of thought immediately, they are fine! It’s the writers (ok, me) who were silly enough to ignore this treasure trove of content right in front of their eyes. (still me)
Relax, I’m not going to copy-paste release notes here no matter how many people want me to. In fact, I’ll keep it brief and to the point, just like our 3-hour morning meetings.

Windows App

Yes, we have a desktop app (one for Mac, too), but that’s old news. Another outdated tidbit would be that it’s actually working. Here’s something truly new:


Remember collections, which nobody knows about? That’s right, we’ve implemented them in our Windows App. Now nobody will know about them there as well.
App collections It's just my favorite color

That violet box is not part of the interface, it’s just my favorite color

For starters, they are in view-only mode (you still have to create new ones in our web-app. A few months from now things most certainly will possibly change, maybe.

Starting Time Decreased

By 80%. Skadoosh.


I mean, it’s not so much. Still, you could play “Spot 10 Differences” with your colleagues.

I wish the logo was violet too, but I was outnumbered.

Right Panel

And now people will finally see that we have every icon in a number of styles. Which is pretty handy, if you ask me.
It might be hard to notice 1st so I left a small hint.

It might be hard to notice at first so I left a small hint.

That’s it for now. I hope you know now that we are actually doing something and I will try to bring you news every week or so. Stay tuned!
By the way, If you have any suggestions / useful features to propose, just comment below.

by Andrew