We do structured interviews with our users, and here is what they tell: give us Photoshop vectors. Apparently, some of the users used to work in Photoshop and don’t want to leave the Photoshop.

But how to convert 3000 icons? That’s weeks of works, and most importantly, it’s a horrible, humiliating work of copying and pasting. So we’ve tried to this and that, asked some big experts, and finally wrote a conversion script. Here we go, all icons are in Photoshop vectors, available for paid users from now on.


Download the sample PSD with icons as custom shapes.

How to get the updates

  • All paid subscribers get this update free. Just download the update.
  • All paid subscribers who made a purchase after January 16, 2014 could claim a free update. Please contact us.
  • Paid subscribers who made a purchase before January 16 could renew the subscription.

And this is only the beginning. We are going to give you three other good reasons to update in the next few days.