Mac Application updates

  1. Launch is now 10 times faster
  2. Search is even faster than that — please let us know if it’s too fast!
  3. The app is overall more responsive, with a better search of similar icons
  4. We used to show your password when you type it; from now on, we will hide it


We won’t bother you with pop-ups anymore. We are tired of them as much as you are since Windows 3.1


Things you may be notified about:

  • Your idea was created
  • Your icon idea was voted for
  • Your font was generated
  • Horse racing tips

Anything else you would like to be notified of? Feel free to ask.



Good news for our enterprise clients – you can add and manage members directly through your account page:

A Little Less Sexism at Icons8

Finally, we’ve created a new video about our desktop applications. The old one was mundane and sexist. I can’t even find a link to it, so thoroughly deleted it was.