This week is all about updates to our desktop apps. Choose your platform, fasten your seatbelts, and put the pedal to the floor.

Windows App

Office Icons

We’ve finally added our widely popular office icons to the app. All their benefits are described here. In short, each office icon is optimized for 4 sizes, from tiny to huge, and they perfectly fit into any office-style application.



Synchronization has been rewritten from scratch. The good news is it requires way less processor time; the bad news is we can’t make coffee on our processor anymore.

An Unfortunate Boner

When the app launches for the first time we’ve made sure there are no penis icons in sight.

Mac App

Yes, we want to repeat this explicitly because so many people told us about it. There won’t be penis icons on launch anymore, ok? Here’s proof:



Now back to more important things:

Simplified SVG option added

New preferences

The app has both simplified and original versions of each icon. You can switch them in the preferences.

On Crash Reports…

We collect and analyze the crash reports now. Sorry for all the crashes we had in the past; thank you for all the crashes you send us.

You can download both apps here.

That’s it for the week. Very soon we will release our website in multiple languages and we’ll have lots to say about it…in multiple languages.