This article summarizes the information for bloggers and journalists writing about 2800 Icons for Developers, and app in App Store.


Probably you’re writing about it, because it has leading ratings. I don’t see any other way how you can discover it: we had no other campaign,  publications prepared in advance, paid reviews or anything.

So the Ratings are available on App Annie (free registration is needed). Current ratings are:

2800 Icons for Developers Daily Ranks | App Annie 2014 01 18 00 44 41

A Sample Article

We’ve written a sample article, feel free to take it as is, take parts or rewrite it. Unlike a typical press-release, it’s written in a neutral tone and contains some details that other press doesn’t know.

It also contains the screenshots in large resolution so you could resize them as you want. All screenshots (more than in article) are attached as a ZIP file in the end of the message.

An Article on Noupe

Despite a misprint in the first word of the title, it’s an extremely detailed and correct article widely shared on social networks. Passed our fact check.

A Demo on YouTube

It’s our official 40 second screencast. The function Reveal in Finder is only present in standalone version.

Press Release

There’s a press release written for a standalone version of the app. It’s written a week ago and 99% of it is valid for App Store app.


A Flickr album containing five screenshots from App Store and icon in large resolution.