To shortcut the way to a diversity of icons for web and app designers, today we are releasing the Icons8 plugin for Figma, one of the most widely used tools for UI design. So, now you can access the entire icon library of over 120,000 graphics without leaving Figma. Design faster, design easier. Join the release party on Product Hunt or read more about the plugin below.

Icons8 for Figma


  • Access to thousands of free graphics
  • The constantly growing library of 120,000+ icons

Icons8 for Figma

  • 32 popular design styles, from minimalist pictograms and glyphs to detailed and decorative color icons
  • Pixel perfect icon sizes for sharp designs

Icons8 for Figma

  • Icons available in PNG (free for a link) or SVG (Pro)
  • The searchable and categorized collection

Icons8 for Figma

User Guide

  • To add an icon to your project simply click the icon you want, or drag and drop it to the canvas.
  • If you have an account or would like to make one (it’s free) select menu (☰) → ‘Login/sign up’.
  • Use the drop-down menus to select from various icon styles, sizes, and formats.
  • To see a categorized view of all icons click menu (☰) → ‘Categories’.

Icons8 for Figma

Free and Pro License

We offer both free and paid features within this plugin.

Free access is limited to PNG icons in smaller sizes whereas a pro subscription grants an unlimited-use license to all icons, in any format.

In addition, subscribing to Icons8 Pro gives you access to the 40k+ other professional design resources we offer, such as illustrations, photography, and video-safe music.

Icons8 for Figma

When Figma announced it was making a plugin system, we were excited. We use Figma for our internal UI designs, so we quickly added making our own plugin to our backlog. And now today is the day! This lightweight plugin gives you access to all of our acclaimed icons, with easy to use options for sizing, formatting, and search.

At Icons8 we have been hand-crafting icons for the last 6 years, this lets us offer the largest, most consistent icon packs around. Choose from 30 different styles to match whatever project you are working on. We offer an extensive free tier–thousands of PNG icons are available for free–all we ask is that you add a link to to credit us.

Welcome to join the discussion on Product Hunt and let us know what you think. Your feedback is the best way to making our products better for you and other users. Or just try the Icons8 Figma plugin right now.

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Icons8 is an official Educational Partner of the Interaction Design Foundation, the world’s largest UX Design learning community.
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