This post mostly addresses press and bloggers who’d like to write about our new App for Mac (but all readers are welcome, of course). Also, see the sample articles which you can use as a template when preparing your publication.

What is Icons8?

Icons8 is a collection of 50k icons + icon tools.
Icons8’s aim is to help them create better designs, faster.

Target audience

  • UX designers
  • graphic designers
  • UI developers.

Primary challenge

The biggest problem we’re trying to solve is to make our icons searchable. Our customers should find the icon that they need, fast. And they shouldn’t get dozens of similarly looking icons; they should get just the right one. Therefore, a half of our team are the software developers and UX designers who create the handy applications for web, Mac, and Windows.

What is Icons8 App?

Icons8 App is a minimalist app for Mac and Windows. It contains more than 14,000 icons and works with Photoshop, Sketch,  Xcode, and Visual Studio. The latest version is 4.1.

Why is Icons8 App Cool?

1. The Apple Way

We’ve taken the Apple approach towards our product. What does that mean? The old approach (IconFinder, etc.) was to find an icon then save, color, resize, and finally, convert it. Our new approach is to find, recolor, resize, and convert it all in the App and then just drag it to Sketch or Xcode.

2. Great Icons

We’re giving away an App with more than 14,000 icons stored offline.

3. Great Reviews

  • We’re used by Microsoft, Apple, and several governments.
  • The App Store version reached #1 in 48 countries in the Graphics and Design category
  • Featured on ProductHunt (they called it great)

4. Features

What’s New in Version 4.1?

  • World’s first icon pack for Windows 10
  • 1,800 Flat Color icons
  • Support for PDF format
  • Your password can contain emoji 😜

Sample Articles

Here’s a brief description of the Icons8 App for Mac written in a neutral style. Feel free to take it as it is, use parts of it, or rewrite it.

Sample Article about Icons8 App for Mac

Sample Article about Icons8 App for Windows

You may also find this article on Noupe useful. Despite the misprint in the title, it’s an extremely detailed and correct post widely shared on social networks. It passed our fact check.

Article Ideas and Freebies

We can help you with material for your post. Contact us for one of the following.

  • Freebie for your readers.We give away free icon packs that our users love. For example, this one got 870 retweets
  • Quiz or lottery for your readers
  • Startup funding: our team is fighting two direct competitors – IconFinder (received $1.5M in Danish venture funding) and NounProject (received $2M on Kickstarter). We’ve gotten $0
  • SMM: promoting a startup with freebies
  • Inspirational crowdsourcing: getting icon ideas from the community and creating them for free.


icons8 app with color icons

Screenshot of Icons8 App for Mac.
The app is captured with the new
Flat Color icons collection


Screenshot of Icons8 App for Windows.
The app is captured with the new
Flat Color icons collection


Icons8 Logo

Download the high resolutions and various formats


Our corporate color is green, #32c24d.


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