Wayfinding (or way-finding) is all that signage they use in airports to let people always find their way.
Well, most of the times.
Well, sometimes.

Although some of the icons are great, some are horrible. Sure you can use Icons8 for signage. Some of the signs are industry standard. Look at this icon developed by AIGA:

This icon is great:

But when it comes to something more complicated than usual train-taxi-baggage claim, it could be horrible or just non-existing.

This AIGA’s icon is horrible (it’s supposed to mean shopping):

Use one of ours instead:

Is it free? I don’t know for you, but I’d buy them for $99 (attribution-free), but if you find a way to attribute the work on the signs, sure go ahead!

Here are some of the thematic icons we’ve done so far (as of September 2012):

Gyms, restaurants, catering


General shopping

(find those who don’t match)

Home, furniture, home appliances

Find one icon that doesn’t match.

Airport, train/bus station etc.

And there are many, many more. Have a look.