Update June 28, 2015: we’ve released 13,700 icons for all kinds of platforms, from the new Windows 10 till Android L and simple vector icons in color. If you’re going to use the freebies below, we advise you against it. If you like our icons for some reason, you better check the competition: paid icon packs of independent developers and specialized icon search engines.

Update Sep 14, 2012: we’ve released 800 icons in a single PSD file. Download 800 icons for iPhone and iPad.

Update Sep 18, 2012: Designers, we’ve created a Photoshop template (download 374 Kb) to fit icons. The illustration above is based on that.

What is tab bar? It’s the bottom black toolbar of the iPhone and iPad. As you can see, Icons8 suits it pretty well:

What size should one use?

  1. Apple specifies as 30×30 pt (60×60 px on Retina display).
  2. Another article specifies 20×20 px (40×40 px on Retina).
  3. The example above is 30×30 pt.

How to use it?

  1. Well, you should use Adobe Illustrator or something. Although it’s a little bit of extra work, it’s easy. Copy the icon to a blank file, scale, recolor, save. Sounds difficult, right? No. It’s easy.

What we’ve got for iPhone and iPad apps?

Oh, plenty of stuff, 795 icons as of today. Let me show just some.

Bare necessities

Sure we have all the usual icons like settings, all kinds of documents, lists, editing, saving, zooming etc.. You name it, we have it.

Creepy ones

Thanks to our community, we’ve got a lot of interesting stuff. Below is movie stuff, and also we have


Note for googlers: all icons are free for a link (thank you for spreading the word) or $99 without attribution (thank you for money).