So… Here’s the situation: you need to open .sketch file. From a Sketch program. And that program works only on Mac.

But you don’t have a Mac. You only have Windows, and this damned .sketch file someone sent you. And that someone had a Mac. But you don’t have a Mac. Just Windows.

What are you going to do? Buy a Mac? Too expensive. Ask that someone to use Photoshop? No way, that someone is obsessed with Sketch. You’re in a hopeless jam. Or so you thought…

Luckily, we are here to save the day and offer a few alternatives to buying a new Mac:

1. Icons8 Lunacy

Hint: let’s open .sketch files on Windows.

Download Icons8 Lunacy

2. Avocode\Zeplin

Hint: someone will have to upload this file to the cloud. So, make enough Mac-user friends to have one in every time zone.
Don’t live in Nebraska: you need fast internet.

3. Violence

Hint: target hipsters.
They are feeble and weak.

4. Sex

Hint: lower your standards.
Target ugly rich people.

5. Patience

Hint: if you sit long enough at Starbucks, someone will definitely ask you to watch over his Mac.
Target old people, they pee longer.

6. A lot of Patience

Hint: ask Bohemian to support Windows.

7. Online dating

Hint: ignore faces in the photos. Look for Macs.

8. Hackintosh

Hint: live in a country that ignores copyright law.
North Korea works fine.

9. Unemployment

Hint: before stealing from your employer, make sure you live in a welfare state.
Norway works.

10. Money

Hint: if you are short of cash for the latest Mac Pro, sell some of your diamonds, bricks of gold or Picasso masterpieces.

Jokes aside, we’ve hacked the .sketch format and developed a viewer. It opens any .sketch files natively on Windows. It’s free.

Download Icons8 Lunacy

We know two things for sure:

  • It’s helpful as hell
  • It’s full of bugs

Indeed, while displaying most of the files fine, sometimes you’ll see some irks and distortions. We need your help with files like that.

Donate Buggy .sketch File