Icons8 is designed to embed in your apps. We offer developers the same API as the one we use on Icons8.


API handles the requests and returns both Base64-encoded icons and the meta information. Some of the operations are:

  • Searching for a string
  • Getting the categories
  • Getting the icons from a category
  • Searches for similar icons (icons that have similar tags)
  • Suggestions for find-as-you-type, etc.

Please refer to our documentation and feel free to use the live tests.


You can plug Icons8 into your system in two ways:

  • Via our API
  • By downloading a JSON with all base64 encoded icons and metadata (names, tags, and categories)


We think API is better. It took us a couple of years to develop it. In particular, it provides:

  • Sphinx full-text search with morphology
  • A third party spell check API
  • Multiple operations that would take months of development
  • Also, we’ve learned some stuff the hard way, by doing it and removing it. For example, using synonyms APIs proved to be a failure
  • Also, we keep improving the metadata daily

On the other hand, utilizing JSON on your side is 100% reliable; you can’t beat that.

What If We Go out of Business?

If we want you to count on our technology, we must earn your trust. Here is what happens in an extremely unlikely event of an emergency, as they say in the pre-flight safety demonstrations.

If we go out of business, the following will happen:

  • We’ll keep the website, including our API, running for years. Although we utilize a number of servers for everything from generating the icons to serving content to Google, the core of the website is an $80 droplet on Digital Ocean. We must be extremely broke to shut it down.
  • If you’ve used JSON, you are 100% safe. If you use our API, keep our JSON export as a backup; if anything happens, you’ll have years to switch to it.

However, the probability of going out of business is low. Our company, VisualPharm, has existed since 2003; the cash flow is good, and we grow organically without any loans.

License Expiration

A license is valid for one year after the purchase. It includes:

  • All icons created to the date + one year of new icons
  • Access to our API (according to your plan)
  • Support (according to your plan)

After one year, we will offer you a subscription for another year.

Exception: we will not charge for the software that you don’t support anymore. You can keep distributing the software for free, if:

  • It has all icons offline and doesn’t use our API
  • You don’t release new versions after the license expiration


  • The price includes all icons at the moment of the purchase + 1 year of new icons. The icons that we create after 1 year cost $249 per year.
  • Please make it clear to your users that they can only use the icons for creations with your software. They cannot export the icons and use them in other authoring tools.
  • Please make it clear to your users that they can purchase additional licenses.