We’ve launched our Icons8 App. Here’s the press-release that we’ve sent to the fellow bloggers (and got tons of coverage, reaching top 10 in the App Store overall).

Free Icons8 App: Search 2800 #icons and insert directly into Photoshop, Illustrator or Xcode


Now Icons8 offers not only the largest collection of icons for Windows 8 and iOS 7, but also an application to manage them quickly. Users still have all icons on their disk, but now also have a convenient tool to search icons by tags and drag to any application in two seconds. Icons8 App is available for free download at icons8.com/app.


Without Icons8 App, it takes a lot more time to find an icon. “Previously, you either had to use icon search engines or to browse huge icon sheets containing hundreds of icons”, Ivan Boyko of Icons8 commented. “Now it takes two seconds. Users say it’s quite addictive. Try it”.


  • High quality icons that are licensed to companies such as Adobe (ADBE), Microsoft and Philips. All icons are made by a single highly patient icon designer. All of them are pixel-precise in large resolutions and show no defects when scaled up.
  • Icons are in PNG format in multiple sizes from 25x25px to 512×512 px. Vectors in EPS and SVG are available for a fee.
  • Icons are tagged. If you are looking for an envelope icon, any related keyword would work: mail, message, send etc.
  • All icons are local. You could browse icons with Finder. They all are there, neatly organized into folders by category.

The application has great reviews from first users:

About Icons8

Icons8 is the world largest collection of icons for iOS 7 and Windows 8. Ideas for icons are generated by the community. All icons are done by a single icon designer in consistent style and highest quality. Icons8 icon packs are licensed to Microsoft, Adobe, Siemens und Bosch, Philips, Accenture and Intuit.