Download a pack of free SVG icons devoted to the theme of coronavirus in different design styles.

These days hard for all the world, coronavirus is the hottest theme in social media, websites and blogs, online newspapers and magazines, educational materials, infographics, slides, and quarantine guidelines. To visualize data, tips, and instructions, content makers may need visual support of icons and illustrations, making the message more vivid, clear, and meaningful.

To save your time and effort, we’ve prepared a new design freebie for this goal from the diverse Icons8 library. This time it’s a variety of clipart and icons in 4 design styles, from bright color icons to outline. Also, we’ve added the SVG files of the coronavirus icon in 12 different styles.

Download free coronavirus icons to make the information around the theme clearer and quicker to understand as well as more visually and emotionally appealing. Here’s a look at what icons the pack includes.

Coronavirus icons

Coronavirus icons in 12 design styles

Color icons coronavirus

Coronavirus theme icons in Color style

iOS coronavirus icons

Coronavirus theme icons in iOS style

Pastel coronavirus icons

Coronavirus theme icons in Pastel style

Hand drawn coronavirus icons

Coronavirus theme illustrations in Color Hand Drawn style

Download Free SVG Icons on Coronavirus

Also, you may find useful our recent collection of healthcare and medical icons in 20 design styles. We wish all the world to win the virus soon and wish all of you to stay healthy and strong.

coronavirus graphics freebie


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