Effects: Customize Your Icons

Opening Adobe Illustrator only to add a checkmark to your icon? Ouch, that’s painful for our clients and ourselves. From now on, you can perform some routine operations directly on Icons8 without launching heavy image editors.
Here’s what you can do on Icons8.

Combine Icons With Overlay

You often ask us to combine icons with small overlays: a plus, a padlock, etc. From now on, there’s a free and easy tool for that.

Combine Icons

Place It on a Box or a Circle

Circle backgrounds are good for the web. Square boxes work for creating iOS and Android app icons. Check it out:


Add Text

After making zillions of file types with different extensions, we decided to automate it. Now, you can add several letters to any icon:

Icon With Text

To launch Effects, use the upper panel on Icons8:

Play With Effects

Comments? Ideas?

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