We’re Icons8, the icon pack that our community loves. Love is the actual word that people use when speaking about us: just search Twitter for icons8 or check the comments on our pages: 1, 2, 3.
We want to care about them as much as we can, and we need your help.
Update: we’ve found @ulitikhova, so we’re not looking for anyone else. Thank you!

A Job for Those Who Like to Write

If you know what a content strategist is, fine. If not, try combining:

Professional Transformation

As a writer, you get horrible freelance jobs. You’re mostly offered to write junk SEO for $2 for 500 words.
In contrast, content strategists work for great brands and rarely charge less than $50 per hour (check on oDesk filtering out cheap labor countries). We want you to transform to the content strategist.

What to Expect

  1. You’ll write and publish a lot of texts, tweets, comments, talk to a lot of bloggers and editors.
  2. You’ll get tons of likes, retweets, and warm words from our community.
  3. You can work from anywhere: from a beach, a city you were dreaming about, or simply from your house.


We want you to work with us for 2 years, either full time or part time. After that, you’ll be a successful SMM expert with plenty of great career options:
  • Continue working with us.
  • Find other responsibilities in our team (PR? SEO?).
  • Find a job in one of the great companies.
  • Start your own agency.


  • Native English.
  • A background of UI and graphic design. We don’t want you to write CSS for a responsive icon, but you should understand the first part of this sentence.
  • You should like both people and technology. You should know how to make them happy together. If you ever wrote a technical article that got 100+ comments, you know what we’re talking about.

Deal Breakers

  • Bad English.
  • No articles to show.

How to Apply

Please respond in the comments or drop an email to ivan@icons8.com.