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How To Create A Visual Style: Guide That Streamlines Your Brand

Cohesive visual design of a brand increases its recognition across all channels. Yet,...

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Christmas Zoom Backgrounds: Delightful Images for Zoom Meetings

We have you covered as you jingle all the way from your bed to the living room with a...

Design, Photo, Tools

Background Remover: Free Tool To Remove Background From Any Image

Icons8 team rolls out a new AI-based tool: meet Background Remover, a free tool that...

Photo, Tools

AI Anonymizer Becomes Twitter’s New Fave Toy

AI Anonymizer, an online tool that creates your synthetic look-alike and helps protec...

How-To, Photo, Tools

How to Protect Rape Victims from PornHub

An excellent article in the New York Times highlights a significant problem: PornHub...

Photo, Tools

Merry Christmas Photos: Get Free Studio Stock Photos on Winter Holidays

Get a full set of Christmas and wintery images for any project. Spice up your story w...

Photo, Tools, UX

Generated Photos Datasets: Diverse Images for Machine Learning

Generated Photos has made safe, high-quality datasets of real-life and AI-generated h...

Photo, Tools

Anonymizer: Use Free Generated Photos to Keep Your Identity Safe

The new tool from the Generated Photos team is up. Meet free Anonymizer and use photo...

Photo, Tools, UX

AI-Generated Photos To Use as Avatars in Lunacy

Now Lunacy users can use AI-generated images for avatars in their prototypes of user...

Design, Photo, Tools

Smart Upscaler 2.0: Image Enhancer with Bulk Uploading and API

Smart Upscaler 2.0 is released. Get even bigger, crisper images with this AI-powered...


Handy Posting and Photography Tips for New Instagram Bloggers

Review a bunch of helpful tips for those who want to communicate with the world via I...

Design, How-To, Photo

How to Use Photos (And Not Only) for Marketing and Promotion

Learn how photos can change customers' attitudes and advertise the products and check...

Photo, Tools

Moose Photo Stock: Download Free Backgrounds and Textures

We've added more diverse free backgrounds to our photo stock, including beautiful ima...

Photo, UX

Common Mistakes in Using Stock Photos and Why to Avoid Them

There are some common mistakes in using stock photos for your design, product, or mar...

Photo, Tools, UX

UI Inspiration: Web and Mobile Design Concepts with Moose Photos

Another collection demonstrating how UI designers from different countries use images...

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