3 Myths About The Future Of UX

Virtual reality? Augmented reality? A UX designer at Unity tells us what the world is getting wrong. He shared some of the biggest misconceptions about where our Oculus Rifts and Hololens systems will take us next. Find out what are they and why they are myths.

Future Of UX


How To Use Color To Prove Your Point, From A Data Viz Expert

The importance of color theory is a well-explored topic in art and design. But what about when it comes to information design? When working with large amounts of data, precision is key. The tiniest details of a visualization can radically alter how information is perceived and understood, that’s where color is important. Read more about how to use color effectively.

Color To Prove Your Point_1


Lessons in Story Design from Pixar’s Creative Team

The article covers a few of a key story design takeaways: author tells about scripting and color scripting, developing memorable, appealing characters, creating a believable world, based on Pixar’s experience.



Want to Be a Better Designer? Travel

Austin Knight, Senior User Experience Designer at HubSpot, shares his thoughts about how immersing into the culture of different country can drastically impact your creativity.



Photoshop Etiquette For Responsive Web Design

This article answers the question “Is ‘Etiquette’ Still Relevant?” and describes principles of the renewed Photoshop Etiquette that can be applied to Sketch and similar layer-based design tools.