How To Make Your Not-So-Great Visual Design Better

Jasmine Friedl, Product designer at Facebook, shares her thoughts on how to become a good visual designer. She believes it requires intentionality and understanding that your work isn’t quite there yet. Check her tips to become a better designer.

visual design better

Design Thinking 101

What is design thinking and what are its advantages? You will find history and background plus a quick overview and visualization of 6 phases of the design thinking process in the Nielsen Norman Group article.


“20g UX” Can Quench Your Product’s Hunger!

An example of how UX designer can effectively work in a situation when client has a hard time figuring out best way to use UX. How should you act to help build better usable, functional and delightful products and make both parties happy?


While I Was Redesigning a Boarding Pass, Paper Got Old

A story of one designer who was trying to make our life better and easier by creating less messy and more passenger-friendly boarding pass. This article answers the “Why do we still use complicated boarding passes instead of this simple one?” question.


What is millennial branding, and why should you care?

The Millennial generation wants simplicity back. Minimalism is often thought of as cold and callous, but this does not have to be the case. Simple design can articulate the most important part of a brand’s message. So, what simplistic logo designs are emerging in 2016?


A Quick Guide to Getting Started with User Experience Design

The paradox of user experience design — if you make a website or an app with a good UX design, the results aren’t typically seen with design awards, but rather through happy users, more customers, and increased revenues. David Hoos tells about the stages of a UX process, tactics UX designers use to carry it out and recommends websites, resources, and tools.