If you want to get money from selling our icons, drop us a message. Although we don’t launch the affiliate program officially so far, we have something to propose.

Whom are we inviting? First of all, those who offer some authoring products that need the icons.

Offer for makers of authoring products

We invite the makers of design and prototyping software, IDEs, templates etc. Here’s a deal:

  1. You include portions of either our iOS 7 icon pack and Windows 8 icon pack to your product. We charge a licensing fee for that, it’s discussed for every product separately.
  2. You set an affiliate link for users willing to purchase the whole set. We pay 30% commission on that purchases, so hopefully you get your initial investment back and earn some extra.

Offer for specialized websites

Second, we’re inviting specialized websites (such as FindIcons, IconArchive etc.) to convert your targeted traffic. Here’s a trick though.

The trick with websites


Usually, publications bring rather free downloaders, than paid users. We’ve got almost exclusively all sales either from Google or VisualPharm.com. It doesn’t convert. We’ve done a limited experimenting with buying ads on icon aggregators with no sales at all.

So you have to invent something special to attract the right traffic, such as

  • a post about icon packs comparison
  • promote our icons as a paid set vs. free set
  • your version goes here.

What we don’t want to do for sure is:

  • Making it look like paid-only set. People should know they could get icons for free, and always would be.
  • Make it downloading from your website.

Technical information and payments

We use a transparent solution based on Google Analytics. You’ll get what you deserve. You get paid by PayPal once a month. If you prefer other payment methods, let us know and we’ll do our best. There are no minimums (however, we are counting on large volume affiliates first of all).

Remember, we are a small, closed affiliate program, carefully selecting advertisers and caring about them a lot. Interested? Drop us a message.