Here comes your weekend design digest! We’re continuing by selecting the best pieces for our reading list. We also share the most interesting articles daily on Twitter.

UX Reality Check: 14 Hard Truths About Users

Do you think of your users as “dumb,” trying your best to make “idiot-proof” apps? If so, you’re on your way to a UX fiasco and here’s why.

Best Places to Sell Icons

Selling icons is a good way to add to your income. It works for design students and experienced designers alike. You just need to know some basic tricks.

The Principles of UX Choreography

The intersection of Disney and UX and why learning how to draw Mickey Mouse will change your approach to design.
Bonus: a breathtakingly beautiful animated short by Glen Keane as well as a list of useful links

Mobile UX: Great Typography Enables Clear Communication

How to turn text from an incomprehensible gray brick to the main form of communication with users.

The Mechanics of Interface Design

Learn the right way to think, and why pixel perfect isn’t always perfect. Here’s a very profound and meticulous guide to understanding it all. Chapter 6 from the book “Designing Products People Love,” by Scott Hurff, which we recommend highly.

Discover the Expanded Material Design Motion Guidelines – Google I/O 2016

Motion plays a key role in bringing material design to life. Join John Schlemmer, Material Motion Lead, as he gives the scoop on new design guidance and shares his approach to motion in apps like Google Calendar and Inbox by Gmail.

Advanced CSS Tricks and Techniques

Using SVG for icons, color fade on hover, curving text around an image, and other useful tips.
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