What Can You Get?

15,000 icons

Our tools

Our features

  • Recolor icons
  • Create collections
  • Generate fonts
  • Generate HTML
  • Download PNGs of any size
  • Import your own icons
  • Use our desktop apps. It’s really good for storing your icons offline and basic editing (recoloring, resizing). You can drag the icons from the app to Sketch, Photoshop, Xcode, or VisualStudio.

Learn more about our basic and advanced features.



We feel all 50 grades of grey when you use our icons, either free or for a fee. We like to:

  • create icons that the community asks for
  • create tools the community is asking for
  • and most of all, we like to surprise the community with something they didn’t even know they were missing.

And we receive a lot from the community:

  • the ideas for icons
  • usability testers
  • and even free ideas from some the best UI designers in the world

We really, really appreciate it. That’s why we have Disqus comments on our pages (even on the pricing page!), and we respond to each of your comments (even if it’s just “Thank you”).

Open Source

We use tons of open source software on our servers. Therefore, we feel in debt to the community and maintain our open source projects too.

Icons8 Flat Color Icons

Our open source library of flat color icons. Good boy license.

Icons8 WPF Framework

A set of templates for creating beautiful applications for Windows.

Icons8 Iconsets (coming soon)

A lightweight JavaScript library that allows inserting icons from multiple icon collections with a single tag.

Icons8 Impressor (coming soon)

A server script that compiles Ajax websites into HTML for indexing by Google and social networks.

Also, we contribute our icons to open source projects.


Every day we use:

  • node.js
  • Sketch
  • Illustrator
  • Kanban board in JIRA
  • and Skype conferences with a shared screen


We’re a team of 4 designers, 5 developers, and a content strategist. No two people live in the same city and we’re spread from New York to Melbourne.

Here’s the ugly portrait our founder created. We thought you guys might enjoy it:

Icons8 Dream Team